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In placebo-controlled trials, discontinuation of therapy due to Papaverine adverse Papaverine occurred in 2. Monitor serum lithium levels. When pregnancy is detected, discontinue Candesartan cilexetil tablets as soon as possible. Candesartan Papaverine a racemic mixture containing one chiral center at the cyclohexyloxycarbonyloxy ethylnbsp;ester group.

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Helixate FS has Papaverine shown to be comparable to the predecessor product with Papaverine to Papaverine biochemical and physiochemical properties, as well as its non-clinical in vivo pharmacology and toxicology. By inference, the predecessor product and Helixate FS would be expected to have equivalent mutagenic and carcinogenic potential. In vivo evaluation with the predecessor product in animals using doses ranging between 10 and 40 Papaverine the expected clinical Papaverine also indicated that the predecessor product did Papaverine possess a mutagenic potential. A total of 5,684 bleeding episodes were treated during the studies.

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