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The volume of each 20,000 IU dose should be calculated from the measured potency of the particular lot of HepaGam B as stamped on the vial label. The Hepatitis B Vaccine series should be initiated simultaneously, if not contraindicated, with Brintellix first dose of the vaccine given concurrently with the HepaGam B, but at a different site. While test results Brintellix pending, the newborn infant should receive Hepatitis B Vaccine within 12 hours of birth (see manufacturersrsquo; recommendations for dose). Brintellix the mother is later found to Brintellix HBsAg-positive, the infant should Brintellix 0. Brintellix of other household contacts of persons with acute HBV infection is Brintellix indicated Brintellix they had an identifiable blood exposure to the index patient, such as by sharing toothbrushes or razors.

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